While down comforters, mattress pads, and pillows may all appear similar from the exterior they are not; it is what is inside that really counts. The highest quality down originates from the belly and under wings of mature white geese raised and bred in the cold Siberian and Hungarian climates known for their resilient down. A special gathering process ensures larger, stronger down clusters to provide superior loft and insulating properties for those who seek weightless warmth. Down is a natural insulator and retains body heat in the harshest climates. It is practically lighter than air, allowing it to instantly adjust to your body temperature and ensures maximum breathability year round.

Fill Power

Down clusters are graded according to their fill power or loft, which gauges its ability to regain its original volume or loft after being compressed. The higher the fill power, the loftier, lighter and warmer the comforter. DownTown Company’s high fill power translates into a superior product that delivers a more comfortable night’s sleep for many years. Our hypoallergenic cleaning and sterilization process removes dust, dirt and other impurities that may cause allergic reactions; a unique washing and rinsing process guarantees that all DownTown Company products are thoroughly cleaned. DownTown Company offers a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship.

DownTown Company offers different down alternative filling options in the DownTown Alternative Collection.

Alpine Loft Down Alternative

The finely spun Microfiber filled Alpine Loft Comforter is an affordable option in bedding for those who are allergy sensitive to down products, but still want the luxurious feel of down. 100% Cotton Cover.

Natural Down Alternative Comforters –  Imported from Austria.

Verdi Comforter–A Green Product made from a Cotton and Tencel, Wood Fiber tick and filled with Recycled Plastic Bottles fiber.  Recycled Plastic Bottles made into Micro Fiber fill in the Verdi comforter and represents 50 lbs. of water, 4 lbs. of steam and 3.5 lbs. of energy consumption from the manufacturing process. Our process, using recycled plastic bottles means less trash headed to the ocean or land fill forever and helps for a cleaner environment.

Helping to save the earth, one comforter at a time.

The Eco Friendly Comforter is uniquely constructed with a Lyocell/Tencel® cover and filled Lyocell/Tencel®, finely spun wood cellulose fiber.  This fiber absorbs more moisture than cotton, having a cooling effect when temperatures are hot and a warming effect when it’s cold, ensuring maximum comfort.

The Silk Filled comforter is light and constantly equalizes temperature. The natural silk filling has natural cooling properties. Degummed silk threads have a very high permeability to air. Silk absorbs moisture well and quickly, and releases it just as quickly for fast drying. Silk is perfect for those with allergies.

The Maize Comforter fill is made from corn cells and cover is made from Cotton with Aloe Vera finish. Maize has natural cooling properties and amazing moisture absorbing abilities for a dry sleeping environment. This comforter is more suitable for those who enjoy the snuggly comfort of a thicker comforter.

The Summer Linen Comforter fill is Linen-Cotton fiber and covered in a cotton cover with Aloe Vera finish. This light weight comforter  is a great option for those with high body heat or who live in a warmer environment. Summer Linen provides excellent insulation for the colder months and offers cooling properties for the warmer seasons, making it a great option for year round use. The natural linen fiber is breathable, wicks away approximately three times as much moisture as cotton, and offers natural cooling properties.

The Natural Choice

Silk is one of the oldest textile fibers. Pure silk is the queen of all natural fibers and has an important place in our modern world as we embrace all natural products. The organic structure of silk is very similar to human skin, allowing your skin to breathe. Silk has the ability to absorb moisture, making silk cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These factors contribute to a relaxing, healthy sleep. Imagine the smooth, soft touch, beauty and elegance of silk as you review this luxurious product line that includes silk bedding, and silk and down filled comforters with 100% silk covers.

100% Cotton, Long Staple Single Ply


Fiber Quality: The highest quality cotton is long staple cotton. Staple refers to the length of the cotton fiber; the longer the fiber the better because it creates stronger and finer yarns.

Yarn Size: The fineness of each yarn is what the term yarn size refers to; the higher the yarn size, the finer the yarn. Finer yarns allow for lighter, more supple fabric and more yarn can be woven into a square inch.

Finishing: The finishing process is vital in avoiding piling and increasing strength, luster, touch and appearance.


Thread count is simply the number of threads per square inch of fabric. These consist of vertical threads (warp) and horizontal threads (weft) woven together. Construction refers to how the thread count is achieved. The best fabric would be made with single ply yarns and have a single pick; but the highest thread count you can get with this type of construction is about 400. Above that, 2 ply yarns and/or multi picks must be used thus resulting in exaggerated thread count.

Don’t fall into the thread count trap… the quality of the cotton determines the quality of the product, not the thread count.

Experience the difference with DownTown Company’s imported linens. Cotton Linens Imported from Portugal.