Natural & Down Alternative Comforter Choices

Our natural and down alternative options for wholesale bedding include silk, Lyocell/Tencell® (wood cellulose), and maize fiber. Each of these filling materials, made in Austria, offers diverse benefits for various climates and sleeping preferences.
Alpine Loft Down is an affordable substitute for down in our all natural bedding. Our new fiber technology simulates the feel and lofty properties that down has to offer. So fluffy and comfortable, DownTown’s Alpine Loft is suitable for those who are sensitive to down products, but still want the luxurious feel of down.
With our exquisite collection of comforters wholesale, DownTown offers comfort and luxury for everyone. Sourced with the finest materials from around the world, and created by skilled craftsmen, our natural and down alternative comforters are built to last. Download our catalogue today and place an order for our natural and down alternative bedding products, or contact us for more information.

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