• The Maize Comforter is filled with natural maize fibers in a 100% Cotton Sateen Cover with an Aloe Vera Finish. The sustainable Maize Fiber filling has natural cooling properties and amazing moisture absorbing abilities for a dry sleeping environment.

    This comforter is more suitable for those who enjoy the snuggly comfort of a thicker comforter. More suitable for cooler climates yet suitable for year round use. Made in Austria.

    Year Round Comfort Filling: Maize Fiber Cover: 100% Cotten Sateen

    Available in King, Queen
  • Nature’s best down alternative solution. This award winning year round comforter is filled with Lyocell/Tencel® and covered with a Lyocell/Tencel® shell which optimizes climate control. Lyocell/Tencel® is a pure natural fiber extracted from wood cellulose in an environmentally friendly process and offers the sensuous feeling of silk charmeuse. This natural fiber offers moisture control and temperature regulation characteristics, absorbing more moisture than cotton, having a cooling effect when temperatures are hot and a warming effect when it’s cold ensuring maximum comfort. Made in Austria.

    Year Round Comfort Filling: Lyocell/Tencel® Cover: Lyocell/Tencel®

    Available in King, Queen

    For best results dry clean.

  • Silk is the least allergenic of the natural fibers. Perfect for sleepers with high body heat. Recommended for lightweight warmth and suitable for year round use.

    Natural silk is light and very supple and constantly equalizes temperature. The natural silk filling has natural cooling properties. Degummed silk threads have a very high permeability to air. Silk absorbs moisture well and quickly. Moisture is quickly released as silk is fast drying. The cover is fiber proof 100% natural cotton. This is an all natural product. Made in Austria.

    Year Round Comfort Filling: Natural Silk Cover: 100% Natural Cotton Color - Ivory

    Available in King, Queen, Twin
  • This comforter is a great option for those with high body heat or who live in a warmer environment. This lightweight comforter provides excellent insulation for the colder months and offers cooling properties for the warmer seasons making it a great option for year round use. The natural linen fiber is breathable, wicks away approximately three times as much moisture as cotton. The cover is 100% Cotton Sateen with an Aloe Vera Finish. Made in Austria.

    Year Round Comfort Filling: Natural Linen Cover: 100% Cotten Sateen with an Aloe Vera Finish

    Available in King, Queen, Twin
  • Finely Spun Microfiber is an affordable substitute to down. Our new fiber technology simulates the feel and lofty properties that down has to offer. So fluffy and comfortable, DownTown’s Alpine Loft is suitable for those who are sensitive to down products but still want the luxurious feel of down.

    Year Round Comfort Filling: Finely Spun Microfiber Cover: 100% Cotton, Long Staple Single Thread 10" baffle box construction.

    Lifetime warranty on craftsmanship. Machine washable.

    Available in King, Queen, Full, Twin


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