DownTown Company
DownTown Company
  • Made for the quality conscious customer.  Our Luxury Cotton Mattress Pad is filled with 100% Cotton and covered with a 100% Cotton Honeycomb Quilted Pattern providing natural softness and year round comfort. Layers are quilted together and finished with an 18” attached cotton jersey to fit snug around your mattress.  Washable Made in Austria
  • European White Down – A unique down mattress pad filled with European White Goose Down with an 18” elasticized deep pocket fit. Luxurious 100% cotton cover and sewn through 8” box design. Imported. Washable
  • A natural luxury for sleeping comfort and silk is the best natural product for the allergy prone sleeper. This 100% Silk Filled Mattress Pad offers temperature regulating benefits. Silk has natural cooling properties and absorbs moisture well and quickly keeping you comfortable for a good night’s sleep. The cover is 100% fiber proof cotton sateen reversing to 100% cotton jersey with corner elastic anchor bands. Dry Clean.  Made in Austria.  
  • 100% pure Merino Wool filling with a fiber proof 100% natural cotton jersey cover with corner elastic anchor bands. This pad cushions the body. Wool has exceptional wicking ability keeping you dry and making it a perfect pad for year-round use. Wool is naturally fire retardant. The pure wool is obtained only from free range sheep. Dry Clean.  Made in Austria.  
  • Uniquely designed for maximum comfort this Mattress Pad is filled with a cushion of 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester. The luxurious lofty and soft terry microfiber top is absorbent and provides a non-slip surface for the fitted sheet on top. This unique construction provides a very comfortable night’s sleep. Washable  


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